Sunday, July 29, 2012

DAY 210 7/28

Morning bath buddies. THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!!!! I love these two!

DAY 209 7/27

My poor little bud got his first bee sting ever on the bottom of his foot. He was actually screaming that his foot was dying. It was pretty traumatic!

DAY 208 7/26

Hudson surprised us with practicing spelling his name. Then he added some portraits  of his buddies. So cute!

DAY 207 7/25

We found a great outdoor spray park/swimming pool in Kalispell and went there a couple times on our visit. It was such a great place. While we were leaving we saw this Mom tell her kids to "hop on" and she "drove" them home. We thought it was pretty hilarious!

DAY 206 7/24

I just LOVE this picture. It was taken at the Hungry horse dam just outside Kalispell. We had a great time there!

DAY 205 7/23

A quick family pic on the AMAZING Logan's pass. There was a pretty epic mudslide there last week and we had to pullover for cleanup crews. I am so glad we did as it was an incredible view!!! Too bad Hudson was not loving the pass, as he said it was scaring him-haha.

DAY 204 7/22

We made it to Raymond, and the whole way down Hudson was asking to see a hay bail. Jesse provided him an even more exciting experience letting him help feed his horses at the farm.

DAY 203 7/21

Hudson watching his favorite movie Ice Age 3 in a pretty comfy position while I run around and pack for our trip.

Friday, July 20, 2012

DAY 202 7/20

After Hudson's bath this morning, he grabbed my robe and decided he wanted to wear it. It didn't last too long on him, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a picture of a mini Hugh Heffner-hahaha(I posted it on FB and that is what we are nicknaming him in this pic)I pretty much laugh every time I see this picture. Hudson is such a ham!

DAY 201 7/19

Mama and Coops, I can't believe how big my baby is getting!

DAY 200 7/18

Hudson got a summer haircut today. I didn't mean for it to be this short, but that is what happens when your Mom cuts your hair! Love this guy! He even told me after (while crying) that he missed his hair. Oops:)

DAY 199 7/17

We decided to give the old highchair a try today. Cooper didn't seem to mind it at all. He enjoys having food at his disposal! Mostly cheerios and toast.

DAY 198 7/16

Figured out the stairs. He gets all the way up to the bonus room then cries cause he can't get down. He has even mastered sneaking licorice and crawling up the stairs-ha!

DAY 197 7/15

This is what happens when the markers don't get put away:)

DAY 196 7/14

Hudson's first experience taking a picture with a real camera. He sort of "forced" Grandma Jan into letting him learn by stealing her camera. He was thrilled!

DAY 195 7/13

A blurry Iphone pic at the passport office. Hudson enjoyed getting to throw a penny in the fountain and make a wish as we waited for Dad.

DAY 194 7/12

Had an awesome run tonight!

DAY 193 7/11

Someone got a special date with Dad tonight! Hudson was showing off the Timbits he got spoiled with ! He sure loves his Daddy!

DAY 192 7/10

Happy little cutie, just trying to stay cool!

DAY 191 7/9

Someone found a snack!

DAY 190 7/8

Playing at Silverberry! So much fun! Hudson loves to make sandcastles!

DAY 189 7/7

Hudson trying his hand at doing makeup!!!

DAY 188 7/6

Such a little snuggler! Oh how we love this little guy!!!

DAY 187 7/5

When I got Coops out of his crib this morning he had these two tears on his cheeks! They stayed , and it was too cute not to get a picture of!

DAY 186 7/4

We have been having a crazy heatwave here in Alberta. Each day we head outside and cool off with the sprinkler. Cooper loves to be "free" in the backyard. He has been dealing with the heat like a champ.

DAY 185 7/3

I snapped a couple pictures of Cooper smiling at his Daddy. I can't even handle how cute he is here! Such a happy guy-showing off his new teeth!

DAY 184 7/2

Cooper on the move! He is only 8.5 months, but already walks around with this walker. He is still really wobbly, but this guy is ready to be on his feet-ahhhhh. If you look closely he must have found a leaf to chew on as he has one in his mouth. Everyday he is discovering new things, and he has recently discovered he is very fond of digging in the plants. We sure love him!

DAY 183 7/1

Canadian Baby!! Cooper was crazy about this balloon. He would grab it and shake it and maul it. It was so fun to watch! Happy Canada Day!

DAY 182 6/30

Best Day Ever! Devonshire Beach with Aunites and Cousins. We had such a great time, and perfect weather! A definite highlight of our weekend!

DAY 181 6/29

A picture of Hudson being tortured. We were driving to Slave Lake and he we were all egtting a bit restless. Shane and I started belting out I will always love you, and Hudson could not handle it. I decided to commemorate the moment with a photo-hahaha

DAY 180 6/28

A farewell picture from Young Women's tonight! We are sure going to miss these two! It has been so awesome to be able to get to know them better! We love you guys!

DAY 179 6/27

Landon, Parker, Hudson, Cooper and Ashlyn. The Kutanzi's were moving so the kids got to come over and play. We love playing with our friends!

DAY 178 6/26

Morning snuggles with Auntie Jodie! Jodie and Vern stayed the night here on there way home fromVegas. Both boys LOVED having time to spend with their special Auntie!!!

DAY 177 6/25

Hudson and Dad playing don't break the ice. Most annoying game ever to play with Hudson, so totally giving Dad props here for being patient enough to play it with him!!

DAY 176 6/24

These two activity tables are Cooper's favorite toys! He spends hours playing with them. Best investments ever. He loves to sit and play with all of the little buttons and knobs.

DAY 175 6/23

Today was another fun hot day! We went to Jackie Parker Park and ate popsicles and hung out! It was so relaxing and fun! The park was packed!

DAY 174 6/22

Ahhhh such a great day! We went to the outdoor swimming pool and had the best time ever today! I love being able to spend family time together!

DAY 173 6/21

My favorite thing in the whole world is seeing my two little dudes play together. Seeing them side to side made me realize just how little baby Coops still is. He loves to stand and walk along things. He was so pleased to be beside his big brother!

DAY 172 6/20

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! We love you! Hudson got to pick Shane's cake. I promised him he would be able to. When he picked the Smurf cake and it cost 45 bucks I nearly had a stroke, but I guess I chalk it up to keeping your kids happy! Hudson LOVED surprising his Dad with that cake!

DAY 171 6/19

So unhealthy and SO messy, but Hudson LOVES ichiban. Everytime he eats it, noodles are left everywhere!

DAY 170 6/18

A pretty treat when I went out to get the mail! Reminded me of my mission!