Friday, April 20, 2012

DAY 109

Mama and her buddy!

DAY 108

Why do I love cross processing my pictures so much? Haha, Cooper's second tooth is cutting, so I wanted to get a picture of his 1 tooth smile. I love this kid so much!

DAY 107

Awe look at these cuties. Brooke,Hunter and Ethan came for a play date today and I think that the best part of the visit for Brooke was "holding" Cooper. Brookie loves babies, she was soooo cute!

DAY 106

Sock Puppets! Making them was the fun part, Hudson was not a huge fan of my puppet show, he would rather sneak the sizzors off of the table than watch the puppets!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DAY 105

Potty training success! We are finally getting there!(insert Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Hallelujah)

DAY 104

A sweet moment-during a Sunday nap.

DAY 103

We just started Cooper on rice cereal, and unlike his brother, he is NOT a fan!

DAY 102

We spent a lot of time doing this puzzle today. Hudson can almost do the whole thing by himself.

DAY 101

On a rare beautiful April day we decided to play outside all day. We even busted out Hudson's orange bike:)

DAY 100

Not the greatest pic-but I wanted to get a picture of Hudson visiting the "crabs" at the Crab Store aka Superstore. This guy loves going to the crab store and seeing the crabs and Lobsters!

Monday, April 9, 2012

DAY 99

I gave Hudson a hair cut and wanted to take a nice Picture of it...this is me trying to teach him how to do a nice smile. I am pretty sure I wasn't asking for an underbite pic-but whatevs! haha

DAY 98

Happy Easter! The boys with their Easter Baskets!!!(Hudson's hair is so scruffy)

DAY 97

Dying Easter Eggs with Porter!

DAY 96

ANOTHER spring snow storm-ahhhh

DAY 95

Tim Bits Run:)

DAY 94

Yay-Cooper's first tooth finally cut!

DAY 93

Playing with his new awesome Bubble machine

DAY 92

My three cuties playing.

DAY 91

A picture from Uncle Clint's 40th Birthday Luau-so fun!

DAY 90

Out on a date with Shane-at Happy Returns-hahaha-doing our taxes!

DAY 89

Ugh, Potty training! I think we may have found a bribe that is actually working!

DAY 88

Our first trip this Spring to the park with our Pal. It was soooo windy and cold, we had to leave early.

DAY 87

Having an awesome time playing Elefun with Benson and Lucy. I gotta say Hudson is obsessed with this game now:).

DAY 86

All clean and ready for bed!

DAY 85

Shane was trying to find Hudson. He heard him in the coat closet and busted him with a pack of M&M'S, the little sneakster!

DAY 84

A little Spring snow storm won't stop this Canadian boy from playing-haha-check out this sweet action shot!