Sunday, June 10, 2012

DAY 162 6/10

Cooper is finally sitting up on his own. He figured it out the other day and is a little master at it!

DAY 161 6/9

Beaumont Farmers Day Parade!

DAY 160 6/8

A fun visit with Grammie

DAY 159 6/7

This morning Cooper fell asleep mid crawl on the bean bag chair. Just had a quick cat nap:)

DAY 158 6/6

We have a very proud boy around here who is starting to pull himself up on things!

DAY 157 6/5

Daddy and Hudson playing with Cooper! 1, 2,3, TICKLE!

DAY 156 6/4

Kidz Quarterz for family home evening! Such a fun time!

DAY 155 6/3

Our new Swedish Aspens-yay!!

DAY 154 6/2

A very rare Guamanian sunset! So pretty!

DAY 153 6/1

MacGyver snuck out of his room via his necktie during a time out!

DAY 152 5/31

Playing with Violet. Popsicles and the sand table= Heaven for Hudson!

DAY 151 5/30

Gram and Hudson BFF

DAY 150 5/29

Poor Mr.Mach's teething rash

DAY 149 5/28

<3 Instagram. Mr. Eyes

DAY 148 5/27

Cutie pie loving the swings today

DAY 147 5/26

We stopped to take a picture of this breathtaking tree today. So pretty. I want one!

DAY 146 5/25

Just a "hot" post run pic!

DAY 145 5/24

Just practicing some baby yoga

DAY 144 5/23

Finished my new headboard-woot!

DAY 143 5/22

Reading time. Hudson just finished painting and is covered in paint.

DAY 142 5/21

Cousin fun! The Heath's came over to have a bbq for the long weekend, and it was so much fun. Hudson LOVES his cousins!

DAY 141 5/20

Poor teething Coop, got some extra snuggles from Dad tonight!

DAY 140 5/19

The guys all went out for their first bike ride of the year!

DAY 139 5/18

Hudson getting a pony ride from Cooper!

DAY 138 5/17

Hudson being a ham dancing to I've got a dream in the car while we waited for Dad.

DAY 137 5/16

                                    A picture Hudson drew of his Dad-too hilarious!!!

Day 136 5/15

Hudson's little friend(Ekum) that he met at the park today. The last 3 times we have gone to the park this little guy and his mom have been there. The mom speaks very little english, but Hudson just follows her around and won't leave her side.

DAY 135

This morning Hudson was playing peekabo with Coops. It was so cute. Cooper was so happy!

DAY 134

Happy Mother's Day:) My first Mother's Day gift from Hudson. He made it in Nursery!

DAY 133

Watch out Irejude! Hudson Loves his new best buddy(he also loves tormenting him as pictured above)