Thursday, May 10, 2012

DAY 132

Now with Cooper crawling, today when I was trying to cook Dinner, Cooper came and "found" me and cried at my feet. I can't even believe he is getting so big! My baby!!!!!

DAY 131

 Dollar store glow sticks in the bath was a hit! Thanks Pinterest:)

DAY 130

Hudson showing off his new silver tooth. He initially was not supposed to have any teeth capped, so this little surprise left Hudson pretty happy! Thank goodness he loves brushing his teeth now, so hopefully no more of these!!!!!

DAY 129

Such an amazing day at the park! It was beautiful outside and we met up with lots of our buddies and played for hours. Hudson and I even managed to get our first sunburns of the season-oi!!!

DAY 128

We figured we were already late for church, so we decided to take some extra time and get a pic of the boys in their church clothes. We know CLEARLY how Hudson felt about the photo shoot! ha!

DAY 127

5 wonderful years! Pretty flowers to celebrate our anniversary. Love you Shane!!!

DAY 126

A little after bath faux hawk!

DAY 125

Big Dragon(Cooper) gets Little Dragon(Hudson)-always having fun playing games with Dad. These guys wait all day long for Daddy to get home! He always has the best games for the boys!!!

DAY 124

A worms in dirt treat for letting me cut his hair. A tad on the gross side eating it in the bath, but since I am on a diet I had no other treats to give him and he wanted his treat immediately after the hair cut! Fair is Fair!

DAY 123

I am loving that Hudson is potty trained, but not so much when I find him doing this in the bathroom. This happens so often that I should buy stock in TP!

DAY 122

My sweet little baby is growing so fast! He was 17 lbs at his"4 month" immunization appt-hahah. I love this guy, he was so brave. A true dream baby!

DAY 121

Hudson chasing Dad on his stilts! I think it will be quite a while before Hudsy gets the hang of these!

DAY 120

Having a lazy morning snuggled up in his Grandma Blanket

DAY 119

For our ladies night out ward activity, me and some friends made some of their baby girls some headbands(for some reason I loooooooove making headbands) We had a pretty cute model!

DAY 118

Playing with Instagram-Man I love Instagram!!

DAY 117

Mr. Inch worm! He is happiest when he is on the ground! (no more jumperoo) He is getting so close to crawling!

DAY 116

Mobile Cooper! This guy is trying sooooo hard to crawl. He gets up in the plank position and will plank for minutes at a time! It is so cute!

DAY 115

I grabbed my camera to take a picture of how messy Coops gets when he is eating his cereal, and when I took the picture, a "very helpful" big brother decided to feed his little brother! ha!

DAY 114

my tree has leaves !!!

DAY 113

More trampoline fun, this time with Dad:)

DAY 112

Someone takes his jumping seriously. Hudson snuck out right before bed for some last minute jumping in his ginch. This was at 7 at night!(me and shane had a laugh attack at the ginchy reefing pic-had to share hahaha)

DAY 111

Someone wanted to dress himself so he could play outside. Boots on the wrong feet, shirt backwards, and pants backwards and inside out, this is one happy camper!

DAY 110

Hudson played outside all day, he was filthy! Here it looks like he has a black eye, but it is just dirt. Then he came inside and played knock down tower with his blocks. 100% boy!