Friday, March 23, 2012

DAY 83

Someone wanted to be the baby today-complete with only saying wah wah for about 20 minutes! ha

DAY 82

I went to take a picture of Coop, then I hear Mom, I step on his head...nice!

DAY 81

a new favorite snack around here. cucumbers and seasoning salt-random, but better than candy and junk!

DAY 80

snoozing on the rug

DAY 79

I was on the phone and I heard Hudson jumping up and down-I didnt think much of it. After I realized he had his boots on and was stomping on Goldfish! What a little jerk! He was in his room for this picture!

DAY 78

Hudson and Zemp!

DAY 77

Serious best buds! These 2 spent the day playing outside together. I love to watch them play!
note: we asked Hudson to give us his nicest smile here-hahaha

DAY 76

bare bum, sneakster!

DAY 75

Cutie all fresh and clean in his robe after a bath!

DAY 74

Uh oh, someone had to go see Uncle Clint to see if he had cavities! Yes he sure does-lots!

DAY 73

I am so in love with this handsome guy!

DAY 72

FHE at Millennium place. We planned on going swimming, so we brought Hudson is his pajamas, but when we got there Shane realized he forgot his Swim trunks, so we just played at the indoor playground!

DAY 71

The artist coloring with Mom!

DAY 70

Gram and Papas new house-getting close!

DAY 69

Such an incredibly beautiful March day in Canyon Creek with cousins and family!

DAY 68

Oh Instagram I LOVE YOU!

DAY 67

Cooper is a touchy baby. I love it, he loves to cuddle and ALWAYS finds my hands. He loves to hold hands and his Mama Loves it!!!

DAY 66

The randomness of a 3 year old!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

DAY 62

A fun visit from Auntie RuRu(or RaRa)

DAY 61

Oops, I guess the mushrooms were a bit older than I thought- we are terrible produce wasters

DAY 60

Someone is ready for school. Hudson wore this backpack all afternoon and insisted I put his fruit snacks in his backpack.(note:at some point in each day I do dress Hudson-but he definitely prefers PJ'S or just a diaper)

DAY 59

Someone decided to get into Mom's makeup-Oi

DAY 58

Dad taught Hudson to make his first Snow Angel

DAY 57

Bounced himself to sleep

DAY 56

Cooper was crying in his jumperoo so Hudson ran and got him his Lamby to try and make him happy-what a nice brother

DAY 55

Trying on Hudson's hat made by Great Gran:)

DAY 54

A much needed outing -Timbits Run

DAY 53

Dragon Rawr

DAY 52

Reading a Birthday Book with Grandma Jan