Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAY 260 9/16

Here is a sad picture of Hudson having a meltdown because we told him he could not have any bubble gum ice cream. He was "naughty"in Nursery today, so that is his consequence. He has not slept well the past couple nights because of his hand, so it was hard to see him so sad.

DAY 259 9/15

After our ward party we were sent home with some yummy ice cream! The box had some dry ice, so we showed Hudson what it does. He was thrilled.

DAY 258 9/14

                          Some pictures of Hudson at the hospital getting his finger fixed!

DAY 257 9/13

Check out the scary Monster who lives in our house!

DAY 256 9/12

Hudson kept taking pictures of me this morning on my phone. He wanted sleeping pictures haha

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DAY 255 9/11

I had to take a picture of my homemade Birthday Card from Shane! It remains one of my favorite birthday gifts to date! It was hilarious and so cute!

DAY 254 9/10

As much as I hate the mess of painting, Hudson loves it! He was so thrilled to paint during Cooper's nap!

DAY 253 9/9

So excited for my new Vitamix! It rules! I have wanted one for sooo long!

DAY 252 9/8

Lunch! We have the yummiest fruit right now! I am seriously going to miss summer!

DAY 250 9/6

Hudson crying after a visit with the plastic surgeon. Check out all of the loot the nice nurses gave him!

DAY 249 9/5

Hudson was delighted with the leftover goods from Mutual last night. We learned how to make balloon animals!

DAY 248 9/4

Found these super cute back to school kits for our YW online! They were lots of work but turned out super cute!

DAY 247 9/3

My Mom had an old school desk in her spare room. I convinced her that we needed to spray paint it white and it turned out so cute! Hudson is modeling it. I can only imagine the trouble he will get into when he is in school-haha!

DAY 246 9/2

A delicious birthday cake for moi! Made by Kennedy, Porter and Lonnie-we had to eat it today, because everyone was barfing yesterday:)

DAY 245 9/1

Finally on our way to Slave Lake!

DAY 244 8/31

Shorty Shorts! Hudson decided to dress himself this morning after bath! This is his favorite shirt and apparently he wanted to wear his little brother's size 6-12 month shorts-ha!

DAY 243 8/30

This little sweetheart has figured out how to come down the stairs! He is pretty proud, and so are we!

DAY 242 8/29

Getting rid of the grey-yeehaw!

DAY 241 8/28

Hudson had a good day today so I promised him a trip to the Dollarama. He picked out this spiffy butterfly net. Later on I busted him in my bed sleeping. Does not look too comfy to me!

DAY 240 8/27

Mc Gyver was at it again! Tonight Hudson would not stop getting out of bed. At 10:30 after I had locked him in, Hudson came down dressed in this spiffy outfit! I asked him how he got out of his room, and he kindly gave me a tutorial! HE USED THE PLUG IN FROM HIS FAN to pick the lock! I am in trouble!

DAY 239 8/26

Hudson asked me all week if we could make his class Cupcakes. I had a very excited helper, and Hudson was very happy to hand these out to  his pals in Nursery.

DAY 238 8/25

Had a great night helping in the kitchen at Coleen and Kip's wedding, and got to run into an old pal!

DAY 237 8/24

We had an awesome day at Pirate Parker's birthday party!!!

DAY 236 8/23

Mr. Snoopy was pretty interested in the fish!

DAT 235 8/22

Thanks Hudson! What a mess!

DAY 234 8/21

Nothing warms my heart like watching these two play!!!!

DAY 233 8/20

We have been having incredible weather here, so we took a trip to JPP! It was so fun and refreshing!

DAY 232 8/19

Mr. Mc Chill watching TV after church. Love this cutie!

DAY 231 8/18

A wonderful day for a BBQ! We had lots of friends and family over for a fun night!

DAY 230 8/17

A great day at Silverberry! Hudson met a super cute boy named Luchio, and they played and played! They also decided they didn't need their shirts-haha!

DAY 229 8/16

Zoe Anne Baldry. Me and the boys got to meet this sweetheart today! She is amazing!

DAY 228 8/15

Worthy of a picture! My bed got made today!!!

DAY 227 8/14

More playing with instagram and photo apps!

DAY 226 8/13

Weirdo self portrait, playing with a new photoshop app-look no wrinkles-haha

DAY 225 8/12

Cooper and his Posse!

DAY 224 8/11

Trying to get to church on time! Getting everything ready the night before!

DAY 223 8/10

An EPIC moment in our home! Pandora allowing Hudson to get close to her!

DAY 222 8/9

Cooper helping with the laundry

DAY 221 8/8

Naughty Boy! Learning to stand in his highchair!

DAY 220 8/7

                          Someone LOVES his bike! He is really getting the hang of it!

DAY 219 8/6

3 boys playing! Starting to feel better!