Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAY 260 9/16

Here is a sad picture of Hudson having a meltdown because we told him he could not have any bubble gum ice cream. He was "naughty"in Nursery today, so that is his consequence. He has not slept well the past couple nights because of his hand, so it was hard to see him so sad.

DAY 259 9/15

After our ward party we were sent home with some yummy ice cream! The box had some dry ice, so we showed Hudson what it does. He was thrilled.

DAY 258 9/14

                          Some pictures of Hudson at the hospital getting his finger fixed!

DAY 257 9/13

Check out the scary Monster who lives in our house!

DAY 256 9/12

Hudson kept taking pictures of me this morning on my phone. He wanted sleeping pictures haha

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DAY 255 9/11

I had to take a picture of my homemade Birthday Card from Shane! It remains one of my favorite birthday gifts to date! It was hilarious and so cute!

DAY 254 9/10

As much as I hate the mess of painting, Hudson loves it! He was so thrilled to paint during Cooper's nap!